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Thread: default tos value

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    default tos value

    win2kserver roadrunner (3000DL/320UL I think?)

    Ok, Im a neophyte to a lot of the in's and out's of tweaking and I seemed to get more than one opinion of where I should set my default TOS value one person said 90 one said 92 I tried them both and I noticed a difference on the side of 92, So I said to myself why not try 93? Now that I have it on 93 im getting burst speeds of 5000 kbs and a stable speed around 2700-3000
    where as before my speed was around 2400-2600kbs. Is this just a fluke and the tos value has nothing to do with it or what? Also can setting it to 93 make my connection unstable as no one that I see here sets it that high?

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    vvvvv.good Q : TOS value - settings or fashion ?
    IMO can be added to thread 'Tweaking can change anytime' by dannjr

    ad REM
    so 'as short as possible' for me hehe

    evry IP packet (IPv4 or IPv6) has TOS byte.
    - used for contol & solution mainly trafic problems (also path & several sophisticeded ... ect)
    - impotrance of mentioned problems solution increased if exist ISP botle neck gate(s)
    eg gate to internet in Eutopean cableISP = similar to campus net
    two CAPS: to intrinsic net vs to internet
    or transAtlantic gate

    - acctually used mainly for LANside or campus like net than for WANside
    - on WANside vvvvv. often TOSsettings not aplicable - depends on ISP & used TOSmodel

    pay attention that 'TOS byte' is not 'TOS field'
    exactly : 'TOS byte'(8bits) consist of 'IPprcedence field'(3bits) + 'TOS field'(5bits)
    the last one 'TOS field'(5bits) has optional
    (depends on TOSmodel) 'IP TOS' setings 3or4bits & 'Reserve' 1or2bits

    there are several models (interpretations; applications) of TOS settings
    unfortunately for us - existing in the same time
    eg explained in mentioned by mccoffee above link(strongly recomended)
    in last post of thread by Plox : RCF 1349 vs RCF 2474 two models
    BTW near future use of TOS settings are sugested in RCF 3168

    [b]instead of TOS values summmary[\b]
    for internet connections use TOS settings are still contoversial.
    so you can use it - if you want.
    or if it work for you. + hehehehehehe
    but depends to TOSmodel used (or not) by ISP
    same settings can be intrinsic contradictive

    so you can try : default TOS=0
    -|+ for previous TOSmodel all values are aplicable(rage 0-255): 90,92,240 ect
    + |- but for latest TOSmodel only a few values are aplicable
    eg the best 46 (the worst : 14,22,30,38) - compare both hehehehehe
    ~ for future model GOK

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