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Thread: [Windows XP] Non-plug & play drivers

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    Question [Windows XP] Non-plug & play drivers

    Not to waste too much of your time I'll move right to my subject of inquary. I wanted to know what's your take on the so-called "non-plug and play drivers" some (if not most/all) of which are present in memory in the same exact fashion as the "more common" windows services. Here is a guick run-down of the one's present on my main system (can you possibly elaborate on them?). Some are self-exp., others remain a mystery.

    1394 ARP Cleint Protocol (stopped, demand)
    AFD Networking Support Environment (started, automatic)
    ASPI32 (started, system)
    Beep (stopped, disabled)
    Creative AC3 Software Decoder (started, demand)
    Creative Hardware Abstract Layer Driver (started, demand)
    Creative OS Services Driver (started, demand)
    Creative Proxy Driver (started, demand)
    Creative SoundFond management Device Driver (started, demand)
    dmboot (stopped, disabled)
    dmload (started, boot)
    E-mu Plug-in Architecture Driver (started, demand)
    Fips (started, system)
    Generic Packet Classifier (started, demand)
    IPSEC Driver (started, system)
    ksecdd (started, boot)
    mnmdd (started, system)
    mountmgr (started, boot)
    NAVAPEL (started, demand)
    NDIS System Driver (started, boot)
    NDIS Usermode I/O Protocol (stopped, demand)
    NDProxy (stopped, demand)
    NetBios over Tcpip (stopped, disabled)
    Null (started, system)
    PartMgr (started, boot)
    ParVdm (stopped, disabled)
    PfModNT (stopped, disabled)
    RDPCDD (started, system)
    Remote Access Auto Connection Driver (stopped, disabled)
    Remote Acess IP ARP Driver (stopped, disabled)
    Remote Access NDIS TAPI Driver (stopped, disabled)
    Secdrv (started, automatic)
    Serial (stopped, disabled)
    SSHDRV76 (stopped, disabled)
    StarForce Protection Environment Driver v6 (stopped, disabled)
    StarForce Protection Helper Driver (stopped, disabled)
    StarForce Protection Helper Driver v2 (stopped, disabled)
    SVKP (started, automatic)
    TCP/IP Protocol Driver (started, system)
    VgaSave (started, system)
    VolSnap (started, boot)

    As you know, one has the option to: DISABLE or UNINSTALL most of these drivers, they can often be STOPPED or configured to startup @ AUTO, BOOT, DEMAND, SYSTEM, DISABLED. Driver details usually lead to a path pin-pointing a *.sys type of file in the system32 folder. At any rate, please let me know (if you can) what do these actually stand for, which ones I need running and which can be "safely" disabled or uninstalled. Google searches proved a little unfruitfull.


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    Not sure where you got that list, whether you used some utility or just typed it. You can go to Start\Programs\Accessories\System Tools\System Info and cliclk on System Drivers to see all loaded drivers and where they are located and what they are.

    For starters, stop & disable these Services by going to Control Panel\Administrative Tools\Services Applet:

    Remote Access Auto Connection Manager
    Remote Access Connection Manager
    Remote Desktop Help Session Manager
    Remote Registry Service

    Then go to and config the rest of your Services per the "SAFE" column as seen at that site. Many of what is in your list will then be configured properly.
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    Thanks for your note TonyT - however 1. I've always (since the days of 2K betas) strived to disabled and re-configure all the "standard" services via services.msc (currently only 8 are running and needed to provide functionality for my system). 2. BV "blackviper" currently has no solution for non-plug and play drivers a.k.a. "hidden services".

    As for the list I quoted - yes - I retyped it based on what appeared in the device manager under hidden non-plug and play drivers. Thus, most of what I've quoted (my list) does not and will not appear on bv's or any other 2K/XP/2K3 services list (although these services - at least not all of them - are system specific - most are in fact generic and universal to all XP systems). If you have any more insight - I would be most greatful. I'm not trying to get **** about these *.sys files and resident programs (not with 2GB of RAM) but it would be nice - for the general public - to learn of these non-plug and play drivers and uncover which of them are 1. safe to delete 2. safe to disable 3. best left untouched. Let's just say it would make a wonderful sub-section of any services guide... thus far I am certain very few people (all over the web) have actually looked into this section of the device manager and the off-limits services. Can any one else land a hand or shed some light?
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    Anybody have an answer to this fellas inquiry? I've been searching for a long time for a description/definition of all the devices in the Device Manager. Especially the hidden ones.

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