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Thread: Wake on Lan (over Internet)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skully0815
    I have forwarded port 9 UDP to IP (all PCs in that subnet, am I right?) (all PCs in the LAN have IPs like 192.168.2.x).
    How did u assigned port 9 to X.X.X.255 IP? I can only assigned to X.X.X.254 max.

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    I've the date of the last reply, hope I'm not too late... Well, the thing is, I wanted to implement the Wake on Wan feature when I came about this thread... Followed every suggestion, from opening a port, forwarding that port in my router, and enabling it on the pc's firewall... It works 100% when I wake from the local subnet, but when I try the Depicus webpage, it only works 'bout 2% of the time... When it has worked over the internet, it has been triggered by another pc in the local network, I have never been succesful in waking it up from outside local network... Sometimes when it works, I shut down the pc I want to awake, without changing anything, and when I try again, it doesnt work!... Any ideas on why is this happening??

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    Just for the heck of it, I followed all of the above suggestions and find that connecting over the LAN is simple and instant using the Depicus WOL utility.
    However, over the Internet, no matter how I play with changing the subnet's last 3 digits, it always fails. I see others have had the same problem as well.

    Port 9 is forwarded in the router to the static IP of the intended computer and port 9 is specified in the utility. To those who advised changing the last 3 digits of the subnet, please elaborate. My subnet is
    To what should I change it, and why - what's the rationale for the changed number? I tried different combinations and even found one that had the IP (by the running dog) end up the same as the intended IP, it still wouldn't start up the remote computer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lenwest View Post
    My subnet is
    To what should I change it, and why - what's the rationale for the changed number? I tried different combinations and even found one that had the IP (by the running dog) end up the same as the intended IP, it still wouldn't start up the remote computer.
    Anyone answer this question? I have the same setup with the correct port opened and forwarded in the router, but still the packets don't get through... how should one select the last digit of the subnet? Say the IP ends in 109... what should you select?

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    Here's what I had to do with my router:

    Instead of using the broadcast address on the router, I set up a static DHCP connection in my router using the target PC's IP and it's MAC address.

    Then I forwarded the intended port to that IP address.

    When I use the Depicus wake on LAN from the web page, I change the subnet to all 255's so that the packet is only sent to my public IP Address. From there, my router will forward it to the intended port which is tied to my target PC. It may also broadcast it over your private network.

    To troubleshoot:

    Make sure you can wake your PC from inside your network, then you know all your hardware is configured correctly.

    Then use the WakeOnLan monitor program and another PC to send magic packets over the internet while monitoring the target PC. If you get the notification that a packet was received, then turn your PC off and try it then.

    If it still doesn't work, then you'll have to make sure you read up on your specific router, because that's the only thing halting the packet from reaching your target PC.

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    Excuse me if this sounds dumb... but wake on lan makes sense turning your computer on over the wireless internet to prevent having to leave it on all the time. But, once youve turned it on from a remote location how do you turn it off?

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    There is a shutdown command in dos I belive you have to do there might be a way to do it using remote desktop/
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    ahhh ok i wasnt sure if you could access the command prompt from the remote computer. If that is possible then this is simple thats great. Does anyone know about the ring on feature? i know its simialar you just have to call thee modem. However trying this, the only thing that happened, was nothing. Does the computer haved to be wired directly to the modem

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    You don't need the local command prompt on the remote PC to shut it down.
    You can shut to computers remotely through at least sseveral methods....some of which include:

    "Shutdown" command at the command prompt, you can use this to shut down and even reboot the local computer, or a remote computer.
    shutdown \\receptionpc /r would reboot a computer named "receptionpc". We often use scripts of batchfiles utilizing this command when doing network wide installs from a server. Obviously you need administrator cannot do this to any computer remotely.

    Using MMC Computer Management snap-in. Right click and manage computer, select the one you want to manage, in properties, advanced tab, you have the usual start button options there. Also need local admin privileges for this..similar to above, great for networks where you can control the network from a domain controller.

    From Remote Desktop, on servers you have the option to shutdown or reboot, but notice on desktop OS's those are missing. Fret not....just hit "Alt + F4" and there are your shutdown and reboot options.
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    Hi chaps, sorry for the old thread bump.
    i'm having this issue of only being able to wol from internet for a short time after shutdown.
    wondered if there are now definative solutions.
    fwiw. my pc will wake after long periods if wol from internal lan. so it would appear my nic is listening infinitely.
    i have a netgear router wgr614v9 as my head router i.e internet modem then this router. there are several other router between the head and the pc. i haven't messed with any port forwarding on the other routers. needed? dhcp on first router only
    i have forwarded the port on head router and static ip'd the pc i want to wol.
    as said it does wol from wan but only for a short period after shut down.
    to add i'm sending the magic packet from a smart phone. i watched my nic led's and absolutely every time i press send packet via 3g(internet) the nic's led's respond so i presume some action is happening although pc doesn't wake!
    what to do?
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