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Thread: VPN Networking C$&P - Challenging problem!

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    VPN Networking C$&P - Challenging problem!

    Thanks for your previous help guys, now try this one on for size.

    Successfully have connected VPN. I can ping each location and have used PC-Anywhere to see desktops of remote computers, GREAT RIGHT.... NO

    The problem.

    I inherited this project with the understanding the VPN was to connect through the offices DSL internet connection and the already connected linksys VPN router.

    However, I have since learned the desired machine of access and only this machine (just my luck) is connected to a previously setup T1 connection which provides access to another remote site. The issue is that in order to have access to the remote site, the PC requires the gateway IP set to the T1.

    When the gateway-IP is set to the T1 I (obviously?) I cannot ping the PC via the linksys VPN connection and cannot connect any software. If I change the gateway-IP to the linksys VPN router I can ping the machine, access via PC-Anywhere software ***BUT*** I loose the connection to the T1 and thereofore loose half the purpose of setting the remote connection up altogether, the machine has lost its connection to the remote site and 1 of the accounting packages no longer functions.

    I tried briefly plugging in a USB NIC card (multi-home) and gave it the opposing gateway IP but still couldn't ping over the VPN (I could ping everything fine in the office). I tried adding a 2nd gateway IP under advanced option in the TCP/IP properties (W2K) no luck.


    Would the ROUTE command be helpfull for this problem?


    Local Linksys Router

    Local T1 Router

    Remote Liksys Router
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    err..does your T1 router have NAT on it? What kinda device is it?
    Will Work For FSB

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