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Thread: mysql database error

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    Unhappy mysql database error

    for your information, i'm using jsp to create my web page. i am inserting sequence number into the database. When first data in insert into database it will show number 1 in the database. when second data in insert in database, it will show number 2 in the database. the data are inserted when user click submit button from the web page.
    i am creating a page name main.jsp. when the user select option from the list bar, it will link to new page. the option value in the list bar are 'sentul view' and 'cityview'. if the user choose 'cityview', it will link to new page that allows user to key in their information. the problem is sequence number was enter wrongly into database. when the first user click submit after selected "city view', sequence in 'cityview' database will increase. then when the other user register 'sentul view', the database sequence will start from number 2 in 'sentul view' database. how to avoid the problem...
    i enclosed some part of the code:

    String sql_selectMax = "SELECT max(smb_regr_seq_no) as maxNo "+
    "FROM smbyer ";
    Statement stmt_selectMax = conn.createStatement();
    ResultSet rset_selectMax = stmt_selectMax.executeQuery(sql_selectMax);
    reqNo = rset_selectMax.getInt("maxNo");
    out.print (reqNo);
    reqNo = reqNo + 1;

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    I use the "auto_increment" in column definition and never have this problem. You never update that value and it will automatically increment. This only works well for atomic tables - if you are putting this all in one table then that's your problem.

    The code you posted doesn't help - why not post your schema. I think that's where your problem is. Are these separate databases, separate tables, or all records in the same table?

    A view is just a way of looking at the data - it sounds like your two views are pointed at the same table.
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