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Thread: Xp shuts down ?????

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    Xp shuts down ?????

    anyone help with a problem that i have?

    My pc shuts itself down and restarts for no reason? i get no error message or anything...just "BAM" the soding thing restarts on its own, ive scanned for viruses/ spywhere...clean! it does this even when i install a fresh copy of windows!!!

    please help its driving me mad !!
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    i just went through the same deal on a spare PC of mine, turned out the power supply had gone crazy, there is a thread here about it somewere.

    what brand power supply do you have in there ?
    any overclocking ?
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    You could try going into the control panel and under System > Advanced > Startup and Recovery "Settings" > and take the check mark out of "Automatically Restart" under the "System Failure" heading. This way when the error occurs the computer will not restart if it is a software issue, instead it will display the error. Then you can go from there....

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    goto my computer control panel network and dialup connections properties then click configure then power management and make sure allow this device to save power is disabled.
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