I had a need to create a direct modem to modem remote desktop connection so I could repair my kids computers 700 miles from me. They were behind a NAT router and I did not want to punch a hole in it nor did I want them to reconfigure it in fear the would screw the current configuration.

I went out and bought 3 cheap a$$ modems, tossed them in the 3 boxes and installed the drivers. Went to do a basic diagnostics on the modems to make sure there working and diagnostics come back with all ports busy, WTF? I take one modem out of one box and toss a USRobtics in and rerun the test.... All was good. Moral to this is, don't buy cheap a$$ modems, you get what you pay for. Now on to how to set this up.

Go into system properties and click the remote tab and put a check mark in "remote desktop" then click select users. Read all the text there because some users already have access. If not add the user.

Next go to system manager then go to users and find the user you selected to have remote access and double click there name. Click the "member of" tab and then the add button. Click the advanced button then in the next screen click find now. In the lower box find "remote desktop user" and double click that then click ok all the way out.

Receiving system.
Go to network properties and click "new connection wizard", click next in the first window and then click "setup an advanced connection", then next box should have "accept incoming connections" already dotted, that is the option you want, click next. Put a check mark in the modem selection and click next. Place a dot in the "do not accept vpn connections" then next. Click the user(s) you want to allow access then next. In the next box double click tcp/ip and put a dot in specify a TCP/ip address. I tried DHCP setup and could not get it to work, this is a work around. In the address area I gave it these address it could use, start- end-, this gives you two address it can use. Click ok then next and then finish. If you now look in network connections you will find incoming connections. Note this connection will answer the phone always, so if this is your voice line you may want to yank the phone line out when not in use.

Sending system.
Run the new network connection wizard, select connect to my work place network then next. Select dialup connection the click next. Give it a name then next, type the number you want to connect to then next then finish.

On the sending system open remote desktop app and then click options and then click the display tab, for god sake please select 256 colors or you will be hating life because under normal settings the connection is painfully slow. Click the experience tab and select 28.8.

Now how to connect. Open up network connection and double click the new dial out you just created and then give it your user name and password when it asks, then goto remote desktop app and type where it says computer then connect.

Logon to the remote system like you were sitting right in front of it.