Current Configuration:

I need to access Router B's FTP server externally, but it seems like whenever I try it gets rejected by Router A. Maybe my Port Forwarding is wrong, or I'm missing something. In any case, that's what lead me here! Below is my current network configuration.

Router A

Cisco Small Business RVS4000 VPN Router
Subnet Mask=
Mode= Gateway
DDNS= Enabled, and Active
DHCP= Enabled
RIPv2 = Enabled
Remote Management= Enabled , Port 8080
Block WAN Request= Disabled
Single Port Forwarding on Router A
HTTP, Port 80 to 80, TCP,
FTP, Port 21 to 21, TCP,

Router B (Currently acting as an AP)

Linksys WRT610N Router
Subnet Mask=
Mode= AP
DDNS= Disabled
Remote Management= Enabled , Port 8081
Internet Setup= Automatic Configuration DHCP
DHCP Server= Disabled
NAT= Disabled
RIPv1= Enabled
Filter Anonymous Internet Requests= Disabled

What I Can Access Externally
Router Aís Remote Management Page

What I Canít Access Externally
Router Bís Remote Management Page
FTP on Router B

Is there something Iím missing? Is there a port I forgot to open? Are my IP addresses correct in Port Forwarding? Do I need to create in IP Based Access List? Your help is much needed! Should you need further information regarding my configuration, please let me know.



PS: If anyone was wondering why I have my network configured in such a way, well itís because Router A has VPN, but no wireless capabilities, and Router B has wireless, but no VPN.