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    Beta Tester newsletter is a FREE service of Beta Test,
    the House of Beta Tester on Internet,information
    concerning Microsoft, beta programs, software, hardware
    and much more!
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    Latest News

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    New IE 6 Build Released to Testers.
    Activewin is reporting that Microsoft released to a group of testers a brand new beta of Internet Explorer 6, build 2436. Internet Explorer 6 is the latest incarnation of the most widely used browser. Internet Explorer 6 is expected to be released this year.

    Resource Hacker version 3.2.4.
    Resource Hacker is a freeware utility to view, modify, add, delete and extract resources in 32bit Windows executables. It incorporates an internal resource script compiler and decompiler and works on Win95, Win98, WinME, WinNT, and Win2000 operating systems.

    WinRAR version 2.80 beta 5.
    What is RAR? RAR is a general purpose archiving and compression program competing with/replacing programs such as PKZip, ARJ and others. RAR offers significantly improved compression ratios, easier use and a cheaper price as well as supporting long file names, disk spanning and self-extracting file creation. RAR introduces an original compression algorithm. It allows higher compression ratios than other PC archiving tools, especially on executable files, Object libraries, large text files, etc. RAR offers an optional, compression algorithm highly optimized for multimedia data. RAR offers new facilities and features such as a full-screen interactive interface utilizing mouse and menus as well as the command line interface. RAR provides functionality for creating a 'solid' archive, which can raise the compression ratio by 10% - 50% over more common methods, particularly when packing large numbers of small files. RAR gives the user, using the full-screen mode, the ability to manage non-RAR archives (.ZIP, .ARJ, .LZH). The user may view update, transform to self-extracting (SFX) archive, add and erase comments, specify temporary work directory, etc. RAR offers the ability to create and change SFX archives using default and external SFX modules.

    MojoNation 0.950 beta.
    Mojo Nation is a revolutionary new publishing and content-sharing network. It combines the flexibility of the marketplace and the distributed computing power of the Internet to go far beyond current filesharing systems. We're not just trading MP3s here. Mojo Nation is building an efficient, massively scalable and secure marketplace for distributors and consumers of digital content.

    RAM Idle 3.2 beta 4.
    RAM Idle is a freeware program that is designed for Windows 95/98/NT/2000. RAM Idle will increase your performance by making more physical memory available for your system. This program will automatically free up a set amount of RAM and defragment it when a minimum of free RAM is reached. This program will enables your applications to load faster and more responsively. When you run RAM Idle for the first time, it will find and define the recommended levels for your system. However you may need to define these manually to find the best combination that will give you the best performance for your system. The program includes various additional features, such as the ability to display free memory in the try icon, show the percentage of free RAM and page file, automatically start with Windows, and ability to free up amount of RAM manually from the popup menu.

    Audio Grabber 1.80 beta.
    Audiograbber is a beautiful piece of software that grabs digital audio from cd's. It copies the audio digitally- not through the soundcard- which enables you to make perfect copies of the originals. It can even perform a test to see that the copies really are perfect. Audiograbber can also automatically normalize the music, delete silence from the start and/or end of tracks, and send them to Fraunhofers acm codec or L3enc for automatic creation of MP3's. There are a lot more functions in Audiograbber, but to put it simply: Audiograbber has the most features one can wish from such a program! Audiograbber is a "real" Windows 95/98/NT application and not just another front-end to some old dos CD ripper. Now it finally works with both Windows 95/98 and Windows NT. It works with CD-ROMs connected to both IDE and SCSI (not all SCSI drives are supported yet though. It has been tested and confirmed to work with Nakamichi, NEC, Panasonic, Pioneer, Plextor, Ricoh, Sony, TEAC, Toshiba and Yamaha. It may work with some other brands too).

    TranSoft Mail Control Pro beta.
    An award winning email client with several unique features like: PGP security, Voice- mail, True-HTML Message browsing, Dial-Up Control, Auto-reply, Mail-server online control, RTF message editor, user defined Message-templates with variables (Macros), In- and Outbound filtering rules and RCI-Scripting which allows the owner to send the mailer commands while located remotely, telling it to send him/her files located on his/her machine. A HTML-Wizard to create HTML message without writing a single line of HTML code. This is accompanied by several other unique features.

    System Optimize 4.0 beta 3.
    System Optimize can maximize your computer performance and give your applications and games a great speed boost. It will boost your overall computer/Internet performance by up to 60%. It will optimize your RAM, disk cache, display adapter, DirectX, Internet (includes ISP specific settings for America Online, AT&T WorldNet, CompuServe, Mind Spring, Microsoft Network, Prodigy, and Tritium), BIOS, CD-ROM, mouse, VMM map cache, full support for 5.xx, 6.xx or 7.xx Detonator drivers...

    Mac & Windows XP comparison's revealed.
    A reader Cheyenne Vermeulen found a URL which points out all the similarities between Mac OS X "Aqua" and Windows XP "Luna". And Microsoft insists they're totally different - HA! The translations from top to bottom are as follow:
    - "Also an icon from the Sherlock family"
    - "Such a coincidence - Microsoft also refers to flowers when showing the new desktop"
    - "The folder in Windows is yellow and the Mac's blue"
    - "Look at the position of the recycle-bin"
    - "Apple's Sherlock icon"
    - "Surely no coincidence"
    - "Same shutdown logo".

    FlashGet version 0.95.
    FlashGet is specifically designed to address two of the biggest problems when downloading files: Speed and management of downloaded files. If you've ever waited forever for your files to download from a slow connection, or been cut off mid-way through a download - or just can't keep track of your ever-growing downloads - FlashGet is for you. Flashget can split downloaded files into sections, downloading each section simultaneously, for an increase in downloading speed from 100% to 500%. This, coupled with FlashGet's powerful and easy-to-use management features, helps you take control of your downloads like never before. Changes:
    - some small changes.
    - general fixes.

    Microsoft Office XP Corporate Preview RC 1 Confusion (Available or Not?).
    So where is the corporate preview? This is from MS MSDN: Office XP Corporate Preview Kits Available. Try Office XP Professional with Microsoft FrontPage Corporate beta for U.S.800, including software.

    MaxxChat version 1.1.5a Beta.
    MaxxChat is a toolbar-type application which provides a number of internet connectivity features. It's a full-blown IRC client with WhosOn (IRC Buddy List) notifier which is garnering rave reviews from the media. It implements both AOL Instant Messenger and ICQ functionality, allowing you to chat with friends on these services and vice versa. It's a streaming media player that plays Internet TV and Radio stations. It's an MP3 player, a web search engine, a news and stock ticker service - all tucked neatly into a thin toolbar that rests along the top edge of your screen.

    DVD Genie version 3.85.
    DVD Genie allows you to modify the region code for popular software-based DVD Players such as Software Cinemaster, PowerDVD and WinDVD (among a few). It also allows you to tweak these programs with undocumented features to better fit your system. DVD Genie will also allow you to select which program runs when a DVD Disc is inserted into the drive and contains support for fullscreen Zooming on widescreen movies with certain players.

    X-Setup version 6.0 Beta 1.
    Xteq Systems X-Setup is a so-called "hacker" or "tweaker" program. It allows you to change settings that are normally hidden deeply in some configuration-files (like the registry) fast and easily.

    Other News

    Windows Blackcomb Preview?
    We've all heard of Windows Whistler, aka Windows XP. This bad boy is the successor to Windows 2000 and will carry on the Microsoft OS dynasty (or so they hope). We'll have another hands-on preview of WinXP soon. Microsoft has already started development of another operating system, though. This next OS, codename "Blackcomb" (named after the mountains near Microsoft's HQ in Redmond, Washington), is going to "Revolutionize the way we use our PC's". The current leaked build of this elusive operating system is supposedly at build 351. With all of my skills I was unable to dig up an underground copy of it, though. I was able to dig up what information there is on the beast and put it together in a comprehensive little preview. So here it is, the OS which will follow WinXP, Blackcomb.

    Napster develops P2P copy protection.
    Napster has announced a deal with digital rights management outfit Digital World Services to use copy protection in P2P swapping. That's how Napster will inhibit burning MP3s to CDs, and so appease the savage army of recording industry lawyers arrayed on all fronts. But....what's what Napster says? "We're making progress on the development of a key aspect of the technology necessary to implement a new, membership-based business model supported by the recording industry. The solution, which enables secure administration of transferred files within a peer to peer structure, has been in the works for several months." This might sound as a legal and appropriate solution for this case as well as for the issues that Napster has with everybody in the music business. However...will Napster users support this decision? As a Napster user I won't, since I love downloading MP3's and then burning them to CD's. This is a good time to say "Party is over" like a song I used to listen to... This is the Death Of Napster, to me.
    Source: The Register

    Microsoft Office XP Corporate Preview Beta (RC 1) Released.
    We've just received word that Microsoft is preparing their release of the Corporate Preview Beta (RC 1) to the public. Even though it isn't yet publically available, some testers are receiving "Corporate Preview Beta" packages which include Office XP Professional with Frontpage. The Corporate Preview Beta expires on August 31, 2001. We'll let you know when it becomes publically available!

    RegCleaner version 4.1.0 build 755.
    RegCleaner is an easy to use program. With RegCleaner you can easily get rid of those old and obsolete registry entries created by software that you uninstalled ages ago. RegCleaner shows you the list of software that is registered in the registry and by checking checkboxes you select which software you don´t have anymore and RegCleaner removes all registry entries created by those programs automatically. You can also remove start up programs that are started behind your back which can dramatically decrease your computer performance.

    Microsoft Pushes Back Windows XP Beta 2 Release.
    The release of Windows XP Beta 2 has been pushed back to March 14, but Microsoft executives are still gunning for the final release in June, according to an internal memo examined by CRN. "We are not hitting our goals for [Windows XP] Beta 2. We will not ship the wrong thing," wrote Iain McDonald, a Microsoft Windows program manager, in an e-mail message to staff on Thursday. "This being the case we're moving the release of Beta 2 to [March] 14."

    XP Public Beta: We got it right!
    We brought you this story a month or so back but now official confirmation: there will be a public preview beta of Windows XP. The new Windows XP Official Website has a page titled "Preview Program". You can register your interest on the site and you will be informed of when it's available and how much it's going to cost you. If you're interested, the page is here.

    CDRWin 4.0a beta.
    An awesome program that features: *Supports the recording of AUDIO, CDROM (Mode1), CDROM-XA (Mode2), CD-I, Mixed-Mode, and Multisession discs. *Unique CUE SHEET scripting language gives you 100% custom control over the disc layout. No two second gaps between tracks like other software! *Powerful disc backup utility that preserves the exact layout of the original disc including all subcode information. *ISO9660 disc mastering (with Joliet long filename support for Windows 95/NT). *Bootable CDROM support (El Torito specification). *Supports Karaoke CD+G discs. (Requires a Sony CDW-900E, Panasonic, or Yamaha recorder). *Only disc-at-once software that supports all CDROM types on the Philips/Kodak/HP family of CD recorders. *Supports disc UPC and track ISRC numbers (on most recorders). *Supports the "Kodak Disc Transporter" for fast and unattended disc replication.

    GlobalSCAPE CuteFTP Pro 1.0 beta 2.
    CuteFTP Pro is a business-class client for accomplished FTP users, providing time-tested features contained in CuteFTP 4.0 and many new additions. CuteFTP Pro embodies the accumulated knowledge gained from the evolution of CuteFTP now imparted into this well-designed, built from the ground up application. Feature:
    - Multiple Concurrent Sessions.
    - Multi-Part Transfers.
    - Secure FTP Sessions.
    - Smart Overwrite Logic.
    - Site-to-Site Transfers.
    - Autonomous Transfer Engine.
    - Integrated HTTP and HTML.
    - Folder Synchronization.
    - Offline Browsing.

    Winamp version 3.0 Alpha 4 n1c8.
    Nullsoft Winamp is a fast, flexible, high-fidelity music player for Windows 95/98/NT. Winamp supports MP3, CD, Audiosoft, Audio Explosion, MOD, WAV and other audio formats, custom appearances called skins, plus audio visualization and audio effect plug-ins. Version 3 includes many additional features including free-form skins, a new decoder, built-in cross fade, and an advanced Media Library.

    Globalscape CuteFTP version 4.2.3.
    CuteFTP is a Windows based File Transfer protocol (FTP) client that allows users to utilize the capabilities of FTP without having to know all the details of the protocol itself. CuteFTP simplifies FTP by offering a user-friendly Windows interface instead of a cumbersome command line utility. CuteFTP gives novice PC users the ability to upload, download and edit files on remote FTP servers around the world.

    Apple QuickTime 5 Beta 3 Public Preview Released for MAC OS and Windows.
    The Public Preview version of QuickTime 5 took the multimedia industry by storm. Now here’s the eagerly-anticipated QuickTime 5 Preview 3. It features several enhancements suggested by you—and Sorenson Video 3 beta.

    Archive News

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    Beta Test Team

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    Man, I have been visitin that site everyday for months just so that I can get the latest betas. They have betas that are not even posted on the company sites, that site ROCKS.


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