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Thread: sex starved husband seeking compensation

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    sex starved husband seeking compensation

    ANSBACH, Germany (AFP) - A lonely husband who claims he's starved of sex was told by a German court that authorities will not pay for his weekly visits to a brothel and a string of pornographic material.

    Citing his "considerable sexual needs," the 35-year-old man took his local authority to court claiming that as his Thai wife lived in Thailand, it ought to compensate him for their lack of sex.

    Consequently, he wanted the social welfare office to fund his four visits a month to a brothel, including transport, as well as eight pornographic movies and two monthly contact magazines.

    "I require the brothel visits for my physical and psychological wellbeing," the unemployed man said in his application.

    But an administrative court in Ansbach, southwest Germany, turned him down on the grounds that any such activities should be paid out of what he already receives in benefit.

    The unidentified man claims German officials are keeping him apart from his wife, with whom he has a son, by refusing to pay her air fare here.
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    he should get a dog.
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    He's in the wrong country! If he were here in the U.S. I bet he would have got what he wanted.

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    He soudns like an ass.


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