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Thread: Doom III possibly released April 15th?

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    Doom III possibly released April 15th?

    Take it with a grain of salt..but found this link at Anandtech...

    "Gamespot seems to think Doom 3 Will be available this coming April 15th.

    That changed today, when GameSpot learned that Activision may be planning to ship the PC Doom 3 on April 15. While the date has not been announced yet, a source from within Activision's managerial caste told GameSpot the date was "official." The source also said the Xbox version of the game has not yet received a firm release date. GameSpot is actively seeking follow-up confirmation on the date, and will post updates on any developments.

    We shall see soon enough."
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    aw man, i hope so. i upgraded my computer just for these two games (doom, hl), they better come out soon! then again, gamespot ain't THAT Great of a source.....
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    WOOT that will rock

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    Not that it means anything but that's what the manager at EB told me too.
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    I'll believe it when I see it on the shelves.. and I'm not talkin' pre-order boxes either..
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    If they come through I'll be very pleased.

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