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Thread: send page to email

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    Unhappy send page to email

    i'm using web browser microsoft internet explorer to send page to e-mail. i click file, send, and choose send page by e-mail. then it will automatically link to microsoft outlook express. i can send page to recipient.

    here is my requirement,
    how can i choose many pages to send simultaneously and send the page to different people. each person will get diiferent page.

    for example,
    i want to select Page A, B and C. you want page A to be sent to person C and page B to be sent to person A and page C sent to person B.

    is there any software or program that allow me to do that?

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    Anyway you slice it, you're still sending three emails - one to each address - and unless you can manage three separate computers at once, you can only have one browser window selected at given time.
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