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Thread: Horror Classics 50 Movie Pack DVD Collection

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    Thumbs up Horror Classics 50 Movie Pack DVD Collection

    50 HORROR CLASSICS ... $29.95

    This MegaPack Comes with 12-Double Sided DVDs

    Carnival of Souls / Candace Hilligoss

    Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde / John Barrymore

    Atom Age Vampire / Alberto Lupo

    Blue Beard / John Carradine

    Creature from the Haunted Sea / Robert Town

    The Corpse Vanishes / Bela Lugosi

    Nightmare Castle / Barbara Steele

    Night of the Living Dead / Judith O'Dea

    Black Dragons / Bela Lugosi

    Doomed to Die / Boris Karloff

    Invisible Ghosts / Bela Lugosi

    The Phantom of the Opera / Lon Chaney Sr.

    One Body Too Many / Bela Lugosi

    The Indestructible Man / Lon Chaney Jr

    White Zombie / Bela Lugosi

    The Hunchback of Notre Dame / Lon Chaney Sr

    Attack of the Giant Leeches / Ken Clark

    Nosferatu / Max Schreck

    The Screaming Skull / John Hudson

    Swamp Women / Mike Connors

    Beast of the Yucca Flats / Tor Johnson

    The World Gone Mad / Pat O'Brien

    The Terror / Boris Karloff

    The Little Shop Horrors / Jack Nicholson

    Revolt of the Zombies / Dean Jagger

    Tormented / Richard Carlson

    The Giant Gila Monster / Don Sullivan

    The Monster Walks / Rex Lease

    The Fatal Hour / Boris Karloff

    Monster from a Prehistoric Planet / Tamro Kawaji

    Dead Man Walk / George Zucco

    The Gorilla / The Ritz Brothers

    The Mad Monster / George Zucco

    A Shriek in the Night / Ginger Rogers

    Maniac / Bill Woods

    Bloodlust / Robert Reed

    Metropolis / Gustav Frolich

    The Amazing Mr. X / Turhan Bay

    The Vampire Bat / Fay Wray

    Last Woman on Earth / Robert Towne

    The Ape / Boris Karloff

    The Bat / Vincent Price

    The Monster Maker / J. Carol Naish

    The House on Haunted Hill / Vincent Price

    The Killer Shrews / Louis Hayward

    The Last Man on Earth / Vincent Price

    The Brain That Wouldn't Die / Jason Evers

    Dementia 13 / William Campbell

    King of the Zombies / Joan Woodbury

    Phantom from 10,000 Leagues / Kent Taylor
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    Now that is cool!

    I'd love to have that. But where is Night of the Lepus???
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    hell, I ordered it.... Never seen any of the movies but what the hell

    Thanks for the heads up mark
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    I wonder how poor the quality of the DVDs are for that price...not that it really matters for some of those flicks...

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    wow - there are some classics in that box!

    thanx for the info mw

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