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Thread: Dial-up modem problems

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    Dial-up modem problems

    2 questions about dial-up:

    First, I'm using a Dell Data Fax modem from a friend's gutted Dimension system. Highest speed I can reach is 24 Kbps using the XP drivers. I've been unable to find any specific drivers for the modem.

    I assume this slow speed is a result of the crappy phone line. My house is a rental on DePlano's property and my phone line is an offshoot of his. He gets ~44 Kbps though.

    Any ideas on trying to verify whether the sloooow speed is a result of bad lines or incorrect drivers?

    Second question...when I leave my system on but disconnected from the internet for f@h, it connects automatically after about 15 minutes or so. It seems independent of folding (occurs in the middle of wu's) and I've set the Internet connection properties to NOT dial out on its own. Firewall is set to NOT update automatically.

    Any ideas on what might be making the system dial out on it's own?

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    1) The connection speed is usually more determined by the hardware negotiation, more so than drivers. Although there are many "winmodems"..which are more software controller based, rather than hardware controller based. Dell often had a lot of "winmodems". I, and most others, highly prefer good hardware controller based modems. USR one of my faves.

    As to your automatic dial...dunno, haven't setup an XP machine for dial up. Heck...haven't setup a dial up machine in a long time...heh. If windows update isn't set to check, or antivirus, other possibility might be ad/spyware...give a good cleaning with Spybot Search and Destroy.

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