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Thread: every once in awhile i get a good laugh out of BF/DC

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    every once in awhile i get a good laugh out of BF/DC

    Inshallah Valley, i spawn co-op.

    jump in a hummer, as does another guy on co-op. we both tear ass down the road heading for an (as of yet) uncaptured flag.... i am following maybe 75 feet behind his humvee. we come up to a branch in the road, and as he slows and rounds the turn, he gets some incoming fire. the opps havent seen me, and so they turn to chase the hummer which is out of my view. i make a hard left, and see an opp just ahead with his back to me (firing at the other hummer). he becomes a meat frisbee.

    2nd guy sees me ditch (he;s packing a RPG) and run back around the corner, and follows. we both go to pistols (i am sniper class) and unload a clip at close range (taking a little damage)....

    then the point of reckoning...... he decides to reload whie i think i can get on him with a knife before he can reload. i switch to the knife and start to charge.

    *just to illustrate, i am looking up the road at him (which is also towards my base) and he the opposite at me (which is towards his base)*

    i look up and start to run at him, when i see one of my teammates roaring down the road towards us. i make a dive to the side while he becomes roadkill.

    i actually made an audible laugh. was kind of like something from a movie where the guy (me) sees something or someone coming up behind the enemy who (may) have the upper hand. if he could have seen my face when i saw that hummer barreling towards us...... classic.
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    ROFL.....sometimes I wonder what the wife is wondering...based on the noises she hears coming out of my office.

    Downright hysterics
    Smashing things
    burping, farting

    etc etc
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    Earlier I slamed my fist down so hard on my desk here it caused my computer to lock up.
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    Originally posted by ScottE

    Earlier I slamed my fist down so hard on my desk here it caused my computer to lock up.
    LOL... I've done that more times than I'd like to admit.

    And last year, I broke a mouse when I got really mad by slamming it on the desk.

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    I've flipped my monitor the bird so much it isn't even funny! And of course yelled FU this FU that Damn cheaters! LOL

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    I cant really think of any other game I have ever played that has so many great "little moments" that contribute to the overall experience of the game.

    The map was Wake Island. I was playing Opposition, heavy assault class. i was defending one of the far bases on the tip of the island (can't remember which one). I had been holding it up fairly well for quite awhile when I realized it was the last flag we held on the map. I was across the base in the hut buildings that don't have any med cabinets and whas at about 30% health and down to my last clip for my PK and no grenades left. The same 2 or 3 guys had been trying to take the base on foot for the last couple of minutes, and knew where I was and were once again coming for me (I had taken them out like 3 times in a row). I knew that it was do or die and that I needed more health or I wasn't gonna make it. I could see 2 of them running towards me across the bridge, firing bursts, taking me down to about 12% health with still at least half of the distance to cover to the concrete bunker with the medical chest in it. "No way am I gonna make it" I thought, but I kept running. I glanced to my right at them and took another hit down to about 4% health and saw an Abrams following them into the base. "Crap" was all I could think as suddenly I heard the unmistakeble scream of an SU-25 Fragfoot tearing overhead from behind me, bombs already falling. I watched in disbelief as the well-placed payload took out both the Coalition troops and the tank as I dove into the near building and refresed my health...
    "I love this game" was all I could think with a giant S-E Grin on my face as 4 team members spawned and we moved out to take the adjacent flag......

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    the funnies thing is I was planting a few mines next to some enemy's tank.. and he's trying to shoot me... but cant cause I'm right next to the tank..

    so after a while he jumped out of the tank and I jumped into his tank and quickly tried to run away but I stepped on my own mine.. hahaha...

    I was gonna say.. .seeya sucker... but was just laughing..

    another time, I was driving... seeing this enemy in a car too. So I'm about to ram him to kill him. We're both going at full speed and when we're about to meet, I see my teammate hiding close by next to a cliff when I realize there are mines.

    can't stop in time and I hit the mine and my debri hit the enemy and I cleared the path for him.... that was funny too.. heh


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