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Thread: slow transfer speeds between computers

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    Question slow transfer speeds between computers

    Hello all, fantastic forums here!
    I have a problem.
    I just got a new router, D-Link DI-604, and I have finally got these two computers to see eachother and transfer files from one another. (took about 4 days heh
    However I'm getting a top speed of only 4mb/sec tranfer rate. Should be alot more correct?
    I really have no idea how to correct this glitch, I would love a helping hand on this.
    Windows is fully updated, the router's fw is updated, nic drivers are fine and I'm pretty sure the required sevices are turned on.
    If there's more info needed let me know.

    Thanks in advance


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    first things that come to mind...

    how far are the comps apart?..
    what kind of cables are you using?
    NIC drivers are updated?..
    what nics?

    others might know a bit more...

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    I tried to find the throughput of your router ( ) but couldn't find the throughput. I wouldn't worry about it though, your throughput is normal for a home market product.

    Off topic... Just browsed around the DLink website... and man they have some cool new wireless gear.

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    Those are slow speeds, especially for your grade of PC's. Old Pentium and PII junkers will only run that fast, but hardware like yours should do at least 40-50 Mbps ( or 5-6MB/sec) on a 100T network. Minimum. I'd look at cables, and interference. Also check NIC drivers. Your running Gigabit cards on both??? If so, this is really poor.

    Here's a graph of a file transfer from one of my PC's (Dell, PIII-500, Intel Pro100) to one of my servers (Compaq Proliant 800, PIII-550, Compaq server Nic). As you can see, I'm averaging almost 6.8 MB/sec, which is 53.6 Mbps. And this is a couple of el-cheapo Linksys 8-port switches.

    BTW, we are talking about Lan pc to pc file transfer speed, right? And how are you measuring that?

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    Assuming that your hardware and driver installations are ok try this:

    Download DrTCP:

    Run the program, it will show the current settings of TCP/IP parameters. Write them down.

    You can change any variable that you want, click Apply, and reboot the computer, if no good; you can always change to your original values.

    Start with:

    MaxMTU - DSL =1492 Cable = 1500 DialUp = 576

    Tcp Receive - 255552 (This is the varaible to play with!)

    Window Scaling - Yes

    Time Stamping - No

    Selective Acks - Yes

    Path MTU Discovery - Yes.

    Black Hole - NO

    Max Duplicate - 2

    TTL - 64

    Notice it said above Start with

    These settings are not written in "stone" there is variability depending on the computer other setting. So try few setting and measure your Download for each setting.

    In addition, in case a person has a Router the Router's MTU if set differently can affect the general MTU.

    Link: Measuring the "Speed" of Internet Connection.

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    Well the problem seems to have fixed itself. I'm now getting 10 to 11mb/sec. I backed up 5.5GB in about 10 mins to the second comp.
    Shouldn't I be getting close to 100mb/s thou? Over a home network?

    how far are the comps apart? 15feet, not even

    what kind of cables are you using? cat5, I got them from work it was left over from when it was being setup so it should be good quality

    NIC drivers are updated? yes

    what nics? comp 1 has 3Com Gigabit LOM 3C940 (on board)
    comp 2 has SOHOware 10/100 pci
    The SOHO card actually has alot less features, like in device manager>advanced tab (for the soho) under Property it has but only one option or feat.: connection type. It's set to auto negotiate. Should it be set to 100mbs or 100mbs full duplex?

    To measure my speed as twwabw asked, I'm using DUMeter on my machine. set to monitor all interfaces, the other machine is the girlfriends and it to has DUMeter set to monitor only the SOHO card.

    JackMDS I'm going to try DrTCP now. Even if its not a problem that this proggy can fix it won't harn anything anyways.

    qball15j not really into the 802 stuff yet, but maybe soon, thanks.

    Thanks eveyone for the quick response and helpful hints, I'll let you all know the outcome of all this.


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    Improving the TCP/IP stack settings help for local TCP/IP usage as well.

    100Mb/sec. is the speed of the clock in the NIC.

    On an optimized working system using Windows you usually get LAN transfer of 60-80Mb.sec. (b=bit)

    Which translate to 7-10MB/sec.(B=Byte).

    So, 5.5GHz per 10Min. is 9.17MB/sec.

    Looking Very Good.

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    Whenever troubleshooting network issues like these I always start at the physical layer. More often than not it is a poorly crimped connector or a kinked cable.

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    All is well indeed JackMDS Thanks.
    Tweaked both machines with Dr.TCP and my internet connection is dl'ing at the full speed that I pay for, 640kb/s
    Not to mention the LAN is up to speed as well.

    Thanks for the advice everyone it helped alot



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