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Thread: tweak router?

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    tweak router?

    better to tweak the router or computer? The Linksys router has 3 other computers hooked to it. Only one needs every drop of speed I can get, the others dont matter.
    What difference does it make tweaking the computer if data has another layer (the router) to go thru anyway?

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    You should configure the router correctly and tweak the computers there is no way to tweak a router configure it yes not tweak. yes tweaking makes a big difference a router doesn't add another layer it sits on layer 3

    On the router goto click on advanced and make sure block wan request is disabled and mtu is set

    On the computer manually assign the ip for every computer this way usess less cycles on ur router plus static routing is a much better protocol then dhcp.

    For tweaking the computer Type of connection cable,dsl,dsl ppoe which is you have to login everytime for the net i need to know windows version?? Isp and it's advertiesied speed. Take a tcpip analyzer below me cut and paste everything below ip information in a new reply
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    I can't open the TCPIP Analyzer I get this "Error retrieving Options".
    Do I tweak the computer for DSL PPPOE or the router for PPPOE? Or both? The router is the one doing the taking to the internet isn't it?
    Not sure on how to set the router for static routing. The link you sent just brought up this thread we are on. Will do a search on that.


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    You tweak your computer's registry entries. The TCP/IP Analyzer seems to be down at the moment. Try The DLSR TWeak Test.


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