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Thread: Sony Digital Camera Question

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    Sony Digital Camera Question

    right now i've got a Sony DSC-P30, and looking at the specs on it the macro focus range is 3cm

    i was looking at maybe getting a newer better sony camera, with more MegaPixels and higher resolution etc.., but looking at their new cybershots they all have a macro focus of 10cm

    why is the macro focus worse on the newer cameras?

    macro is very important for me with the hardware shots, so i'm sorta thinking I should just stick with what I got

    or should i switch brands, Canon? I would want to have at least a 3cm focus macro shot if i got a newer better camera

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    Macro focus is also measured by magnification and not necessarily how close you can focus. In fact the better the macro lens, the further away you can be from the subject and get the same or better magnification.

    Most manufacturers also sell close-up attachments.
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    10cm is pretty darn close, just a shade over 4". When you're that close you run into a problem getting light on the subject. I would suggest backing off a bit and zooming in on it.

    If you really need to get closer and if your lens has a threaded front ring, you can find some decent close-up lenses (like a screw-in filter) on ebay for ten bucks or so for a set of three.

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