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Thread: installing audio codecs on a machine without an audio card?

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    installing audio codecs on a machine without an audio card?

    the server here has no audio card..... it;s had them in the past, but they eventually migrated out due to lack of need.

    so, at any rate, i want to use the server for when i want to make a mpeg 1 or mpeg 2 for SuperVCD and DVD buring (so i can use my main machine during that time and not affect the amount of time it takes to convert/encode). i can;t do it now because without a soundcard, there are no audio codecs installed.... and without audio codecs, i can;t fully encode the mpeg files (some apps won;t even try to convert them without access to the original audio track).

    so, will just installing the necessary audio codecs solve my problem? or can you even install them without an audio device? and, if i should just install them, where would i go to download .mp3 and .wav codecs.... and which ones do you think i would need?

    sorry for the barrage of questions, guys.

    thanks for the help.

    *edit*... oh, and i would like to avoid adding any hardware to it.... the server is running great, but if i so much as look at it crosseyed it flips out. adding a soundcard would set me up for an entire afternoon of PCI card/slot swapping and probably 50 power-ups/reboots.
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    Not sure faust but I can link you to a free codec pack if you would like.
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