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Thread: Online blinking light on SB5100

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    Online blinking light on SB5100

    Damn RR!!!!

    Finally got RR to get me a new modem(motorola SB5100), but the same damn thing is happening again, the online light is blinking. All other green lights are solid except for online light. The light will finally go solid after about 4 of 5 hours and the connection works, when it does i get some good dl and uploading speeds. After about 8 or 9 hours of online time the connection goes down again and the, you know it, online light blinks again. What could be the problem for the blinking online light? Any suggestions would help. Thanks

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    Yours sounds like an elusive signal fluctuation that occurs only occasionally and is just enough to knock the modem out of sycn. I about went nuts when it happened to me. It took 7 truck rolls before a line tech happened to catch it at the very instant it happened. The problem was in the line somewhere before the pole. Your problem can be as extensive as that or it can be just about anywhere between the pole tap and the modem. Start looking at connection points for possible water contamination. Have the cable company do the same at the pole and tap too.

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    Is it happening at the same time of day. Like at night or during the day time?

    What could be happening is that one of the parts outside is damage. I forget the name of the part, but is effected by the weather some times. If it's to hot outside or if water gets into it, it will disconnect you. Had a few RR customers have this problem and the techs that I sent out couldn't figure it out until it happened when we were testing the line and found the problem. I wish i could remember the parts name, but there are a lot of techs that don't know about this problem and when we try and explain it to them, they think we are stupid or something.

    Witch RR are you with, IE loctation. I can conntact a friend of mine and see if he can help you out. He still works for RR but only deals with certain areas of there service.


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