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Thread: Mac address not properly reg w/DHCP Damn RR

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    Angry Mac address not properly reg w/DHCP Damn RR


    Those damn RR service providers. I have a SB4100 cable modem(which sucks) and it constently has an online blinking light. Every other light is on even the orange activity light is doing the usual. The online light comes on for about 8 hours or so and then my internet goes back down. I reset the modem only to get the blinking online light again. What the hell!!! Come to find out that its possibly my mac address not being properly registered with the DHCP server in my area. I haven't the slightest idea what the hell is going on, but when I check the logs on my cable modem( it has errors that the DHCP client was unable to bind HFC interface. That ip address is default for SB4100 cable modem where you can check the signal on the modem and other stuff. Of course, RR says that its not a problem on their end but on my end. They haven't re-registered my mac address or even decided to bring a different cable modem. What the Hell once again!!!! F %$&*!!!! A%$$!!! How to resolve the online light blinking problem??? Any suggestions would be great. Thanks THE SAINT or is it THE SINNER. LOL

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    The 192.168.100.* Ip range is for intranet or for home networks. Do you have a router or Switch between your computer and router. And the errors are when the cable modem is trying to tell what Ip address it is pulling from the DHCP server from RR.

    Does this happen during a certain time of day. Or when the weather is bad out side.

    A good way to check the signal strength of the connection is if you have Digital Cable. Your digital box has a menu where it will tell you what signal strength it is getting from the outside line.

    Also when you call up tier one, They aren't the national help desk if you get them they can't help you. Ask them to run a test to your modem and to reset your modem's MAC number at there end. If this doesn't work then it's the a RR problem. Don't let them brush you off because they will try there best most of the time.

    Right down your MAC IP address or have it ready when you call them up they will be able to help you out that much faster. If they can't send information to your modem then a tech will have to come out and test the line, but make sure to tell them when the problem happens the most and get a tech to come out in that time period so he can see the problem when it's happen if he comes out when it's working then that won't help. Call them each time when your cable modem is not working. And ask them for the remedy number they have assigned for this case, that may freak them out, but when you call back give them that remedy number each time you call and they should add onto it each time saying you have called back with same problem. If they open a new Remedy ticket ask them for that one as well. Keep this numbers, because will you call billing and give this remedy ticket number to them they can see that you have an on going problem and should reimburse your down time with them.

    The SB4100 Cable modem in my point of view was the best cable modem RR had to offer and we had the fewest problems with them. Chances of it being the problem are slim.
    EX RR, Comcast, Sympatcio and Rogers Employee. Never trust tech support they are paid to lie to you.


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