G'day all ,
and may you have a Happy New Year ( be safe so I can pick yor brains again next year too )... )

OK , I am trying to help a friend , who's eyes are worse than mine, get the TTS set up on his pc. It runs XP pro , and the TTS Narrator will read all of the outlying areas on a word document , but fails to read the body of the text ?
I selected the point attribute , but all it wants to read is the format & tool bars . I read at Microsoft , but it was not helpful ( strange, that time they didnt have a user survey for me to fill out ) go figure.

any ideas on what I am missing ? or a work around? config setting I missed ? I have the voice set to understandable levels, and speed, it read whats typed , as it is... but wont read an email or "saved" document.

gonna try a webpage next .. like this one , it reads off the letters I type , and the space bar taps...