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Thread: no hibernat on shutdown xp

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    no hibernat on shutdown xp

    it is new pc with xp pro. just got it
    1 - selecting to shut down gives the 3 buttens/options : hibernat, off and restart
    it will "shut down" / "power off" and "restart" with no problem but the "hibernat" is not hilighted (dimed) and cant be selected
    2 - on bootup i am getting the user, password window
    the password is blank password. i wold like to bypass this window so i boot with no user and password.
    appreciate your help
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    OK first go into control panel, power options. Go to the hibernate tab and check the box to enable it.
    If you have "use the welcome screen" checked try unchecking it. You may have to turn off fast user switching also. Another option is to use tweakui, it has an auto logon feature.
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