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Thread: more Dream weaver problums

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    Question more Dream weaver problums

    when I link a button to one of my pages and click applky i get this

    The flash object cannot be created becase document relatvie link will not work in all browsers if the flash movie is not saved to the same folder as the html document,

    its all saved in the same folder..

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    What are the linkbutton properties?

    i.e. - file format, link target, etc
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    First of all, do you have your "site" set up ? If not, do that. It'll help.

    Second, make 100% sure you save your page and Flash object in the same folder.

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    you need to create a virtual copy of your website on your hard-drive for dream weaver to be able to upload the correct files and have the links correct..

    its in the options somewhere..

    you make a root.. say C:\website on your comp this is then used in place of your acctuall websie address for creating links to files.

    so if you are using the default dreamweaver root and try to add a flash movie from somewhere other than the website (dreamweaver) root it will be uploaded with an incorrect link.. such as a link to the path on your HD rather than (* hence the error when you clicked save *)

    use dreamweaver help to understand what i am saying as far as dreamweaver is concerned.. it is meant to build, edit, and upload websites rather than just build and than FTP them to your server using third party tools... your webspace should have an FTP server dream weaver will use when you click save or publish to upload to your web space.




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