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Thread: Wireless Router to a connected to a wired cable/dsl router

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    Wireless Router to a connected to a wired cable/dsl router

    I want to connect a Belkin F5D6231-4 Wireless Broadband Router(802.11b Wireless Cable/DSL Gateway Router ) to a Netgear RT314 (DSL/Cable Internet Gateway Router w/ 4-Port Switch)

    Basically convert the Wireless Router into a Accesspoint(wireless switch) wired to my Netgear Router.

    Is this possible?

    I suppose I need to uplink the Belkin wireless to the Netgear. And Disable DHCP on the Belkin wireless router and provide the proper IP ranges allotted half to Belkin wireless and half to Netgear wired on the same IP range(

    But is connecting the Wireless Belkin and converting it to a wireless access point for the non-wireless Netgear router possible??? Or can I only convert it to a wireless switch on another wireless router(basically do both need to be wireless)?

    All because I dont' want to spend any more money on a Access Point and because I still want to use the Netgear router as my main router.

    IS this possible???
    Please help! TIA!

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    Yes. You're pretty much just "ignoring" the NAT and router aspect of the Belkin doing that.

    And if you're just looking for internet can even simply link the WAN port of the wireless to a LAN port of your existing router...kind of have a router inside a router...internet still works fine. Long as each router has it's own LAN scheme...meaning Netgear router doing something like and the Belkin router doing Peer to peer networking doesn't though...have to do some tricks to get the "inner computers" to see the "outer computers".
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    the wireless router should have a bridging mode where it just acts as a wap. and you don't need to use an uplink or x-over just plug in on a regular switch port from the wired router.
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