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    Thumbs up Checkout Red Orchestra Updated info

    New 1.2 trailer
    (Disclaimer: Footage of this video was taken primarily in RO-Warsaw and footage is faster than it actually is)

    What is Red Orchestra you say?

    *“Red Orchestra brings you in-depth infantry combat on the Eastern Front of WWII. With the emphasis on realism and authenticity, the Soviet Red Army meets the German Army on the ground across battlefields from Kiev through Stalingrad and on to the Reichstag in Berlin. Real weapons. Real battles. Real soldiers. Red Orchestra incorporates the popular “Iron Sight” which is what it would look like if you were really aiming the weapon.”

    Red Orchestra is an Unreal Tournament 2003/2004 Total Conversion. TOTAL conversion is what should be emphasized as Red Orchestra looks nothing like or plays anything like UT2003. So if you guys still have your UT2003 disks, dust them off so you can download this Mod. Especially since I know a lot of you are into realism games. If you don’t have UT2003, you can get it for only $9.99 here: UT2003 Sale . If you do decide to buy UT2003, you get to play Red Orchestra sooner which means you will master the game before everyone flocks to this Mod. Plus you’ll get a $10 rebate when you purchase UT2004. You will want to get UT2004 for Red Orchestra because the amazing new features such as VoIP and vehicular support.

    Read what people are saying about Red Orchestra Here.

    You can download Red Orchestra Beta 1.1.1 Here.

    The best part about Red Orchestra is it’s incredibly polished for being in BETA. Things can only get better and better for this Mod.

    Even Epic’s Lead Designer Cliffyb expects a lot from this Mod. Here is a quote from Atari’s forum.

    Originally posted by CliffyB
    I have HIGH HOPES for this one!
    You can find the thread Here.

    The Red Orchestra team just released screenshots of new maps that will be in RO 1.2 when it’s release.

    You can view the new screenshots Here.

    There is also an interview that came out today which touched on some of the features that we will see in the future. You can read about it at Beyond Unreal.

    Here are some small videos and screenshots courtesy of Dslyecxi and Flammenwerfer. They don't show much but some people are working on a movie right now which should be done within a couple weeks:

    RO Footage

    Video Clips
    (You will need Xvid Codec.You may also need to get rid of the spaces in the filename while playing them through WMP.)


    These are threads dedicated to the maps our community has either created or is creating:
    (These don’t include the Official RO maps such as: Ponyri, Donets, Berlin, Spartakovka, Kiev and Stanislalovo


    RO-Target Practice




    *This is what they plan on implementing by at latest their final release, to make Red Orchestra the Ultimate WW2 Multiplayer Experience

    • All new high detail environments in World War 2 Eastern Front settings.
    • Experience famous battles from 1941 to 1945.
    • The Wehrmacht and the Red Armies are the two core fighting forces.
    • Complete arsenal of intricately detailed uniforms, equipment and weapons used in battle
    • Branch System
    • Limited Reinforcement System
    • 3d Voice Communication (UT2004)
    • Multiple weapon functions.
    • Realistic damage system
    • New multiplayer gametype that brings Area Control to the next generation.
    • New scoring system, putting objectives and squadplay at highest priority.
    • New Machinegun and Sniper Rifle systems.
    • Vehicles used for transportation and combat purposes (UT2004)

    The Red Orchestra Singleplayer Campaign (pre- development stage), will put you into the role of a Soviet Private taken into the highly secretive and strange "Red Orchestra" spy network, which would play a key role in the downfall of Nazism.

    In conclusion, this Mod shows an extreme amount of promise. In game, you will often see people saying that this is much better than CoD, DoD, or even BF1942. For people to say that when Red Orchestra is still in Beta, is a testament of what this mod will become. Hope to see everyone online.

    1.2 Underway!

    Here's a small feature list for the upcoming release, which of course means this is not all, and anything on here is subject to change:

    2 brand new maps

    2 brand new weapons, German MP-41 and Russian PPD-40

    New HL-style death messages, so no more chat spamming

    New hand models for all weapons

    New weapon models and skins for the G-43, MP-40 and PPSh-41

    New player skins

    New damage system

    New 1st person grenade system

    For bolt-action weapons, you can now move at normal speed

    while bolting after firing in iron sights

    Many bug fixes and gameplay tweaks

    That's the list so far. We will have a 1.2 RO Teaser video for you all to see, soon enough, showcasing the two new (and great) maps, Warsaw and Moscow Highway.

    * Information gathered from Red Orchestra Homepage
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