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Thread: Question on CRT flat monitors...

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    Question on CRT flat monitors...

    My 17" CRT crapped out and I was looking to get a new monitor. I don't have a lot of money to spend right now and am looking to spend less than $200. I really like the 17" and 19" CRT flat display monitors but every one I have seen seems to have an issue. It seems as though they all have some kind of video sag in the center of the screen where like say the menu bar in a windows program does not appear to be flat all the way across. None of the monitors I have looked at (at local retailers) have any adjustment in the menu that would allow you to adjust a vertical "pincoushin" distortion. What is the deal with this? Any brands not exhibit this problem?

    I am kind of leaning toward the Samsung brand. I can either get a 900DF 19" Flat CRT .20mm dot pitch monitor from Sam's club with a 3-year warranty for $189.00 or get the same brand but a 955DF model with syncmaster from Dell for about the same price after shipping + I don't have to pay tax. What do you guys think of the Samsung brand?

    Dell also has NEC/Mitsubishi and Viewsonic brands for a little more. How good are these?

    Any Suggestions? Any other vendor offer good quality for same price?

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    I can tell you many folks here will recommend the NEC/Mitsubishis.

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    nec multisyncs work well, and the problem you're having, i have never seen on a flat crt before. in older ones, there was sometimes a weird bright line in the middle because of the way flat crts use an aperture grille tube.
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    I love my NEC FE950+ The 791 should be around 175 or so.


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