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Thread: Help Me...Something weird is happening....

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    Help Me...Something weird is happening....

    For some computer is running extra slow today.....first time ever....and it's crawling. Not sure why it's happening but I tried to go to my wireless configuration and i can no longer login....I know my password, I've even written it down so I know I'm typing it in right. After I try to login it says "unauthorized" or something...

    my question is does anybody know if i may have a possible intruder from the outside.....I'm the only PC on my network. I don't know how I'd check and now I certainly don't know how to get to my router configuration page because my password is not working.

    Bare with me, because I don't know much about this stuff.....but does anybody have any ideas?

    btw, I have a D-Link 614+ and I'm running ZoneAlram....

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    Re: Help Me...Something weird is happening....

    Originally posted by bigperm
    I know my password, I've even written it down so I know I'm typing it in right.
    That is your first problem, NEVER WRITE ANYTHING LIKE THIS DOWN even at home.

    My suggestion is, see if there is a way to reset the router without the pw, dont think there will be though
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    Update your AV now.

    Use Zone Alarm to lock down every program but your AV update.

    Run your AV. See if you have any trojans etc.

    Unplug from the network. If you have a compromised system the longer your online the more open to the intruder you become.

    After you unplug is your system better off? Faster?

    Reset the router. With ZA locking everything down again hook into the network. Same problem?

    Repost back. GL.
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    You shouldnt need Zone Alarm if you're running a router with NAT. The router blocks all incoming traffic by default, unless you specifically open ports with port forwarding.

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    Routers help to block incoming traffic but to be sure, and to block outgoing traffic that shouldnt be there you need a firewall.

    Dont use Zonealarm- its buggy and a resource hog. And hard to get out of the registry. You have to go to their website to get instructions to completely remove it from the registry.

    try Sygate or Kerio-instead.
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    PC crawling can be many things (even a hot CPU).

    I would also check for any spyware using updated versions of spybot, and adaware as well as scanning for any trojans/worms/viruses with an updated anti virus software etc.

    If you want to change your router password, and can't get in to do it, I believe if you update the firmware, or reinstall the firmware, it will reset to factory default password. Mine does, not sure about yours.

    Good luck

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    If you're using win2k, or XP check in the task manager to see what's using all the cpu cycles. Disable, or kill it and see if your PC gets a bit more perky.

    Post any filenames that look suspicious in taskmanager/processes.


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