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Thread: Huge Lag And Ping Problem!!!!!!!!!!

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    Angry Huge Lag And Ping Problem!!!!!!!!!!

    I don't understand it. The last 1-2 months ive been getting lag spikes in a game i play. Ive tried everything, pingplotter tests, different firewalls, no firewalls, and i don't understand it. I've called charter 4 times about this problem, and they have no idea why. If somebody out there could help me fix this, it would be greatly apreciated. By the way, the game i play mainly is Americas Army, and thats where ive mainly been getting the EXTREMELY HIGH PING. When i close my game, it goes back to normal, and my interent connection is fine running at 800Kb's or more. I am not behind a router, just if you were wondering.

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    Welcome to Speedguide, please read here & here so that we can properly help you, please read it carefully since it will most likely answer any questions you may have. If after reading it you still need help please post the answers to the questions at the top.

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    To begin with, you cannot measue latency while a connection is in use. The packets used to measure the latency are delayed in the queue for packets from/to the other application. That does not account for spikes.


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