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Thread: AVG 7.0: Is there any way to see the test results after a test?

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    AVG 7.0: Is there any way to see the test results after a test?

    After a full system scan, I am not able to see the results of the test. When I click on the test results menu item or button, I get a screen saying that "No test results were found". No matter how many tests I run, AVG 7.0 refuses to show me the results. Is this normal?

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    Open the AVG7 program, not the Control Centre.
    Because you have the paid for version you are entitled to send off a request for support. Do this through the program instead of sending off an email just describing the problem.
    This will be quicker than asking here because there would be very few that have bought AVG7. Kudos to you for making the leap of faith.
    The only things I can think of without d/loading it and installing to check it out are

    1. Test Results are optional with a check in a box required

    2. If no infections were located there would be no need to view the Results file and AVG7 may be preset that way

    If you want to test the theory behind No. 2, go to the Eicar Test website and locate their test files. Try them out following the instructions and see if there is access to the Results file after the scan. Eicar is totally safe and can be r/click deleted.

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