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Thread: Accessing Server Drive over Internet (FTP, VPN, WebDAV?)

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    FTP Server Setup and Permissions?

    I have a cable modem plugged into the little linksys 4 port router everyone has, it is linked into a 24 port 10/100 switch, and the server I want to access is plugged into that switch.

    I started working on an FTP server, and here's what i've got so far.

    I have a spare server also on the same switch as the rest of the little LAN, I have IIS6 running, then i added the FTP service through add/remove windows components. Then I went in to IIS Manager. For FTP site identification(under properties for the default site), for IP address, I just left it as "all unassigned".

    Then I went into the Linksys web based menu and forwarded port 21 stuff to the IP of my FTP server.

    If I hit it from a browser as "ftp://localhost" on the FTP server, it goes to the share I set it up to goto. If I hit it from a browser as "", using the IP address of my WAN connecton, I get the error "An error occured opening that folder on the ftp server. Make sure you have permission to access that folder...Details: 200 type set to A, 227 Entering passive mode, (192,168,1,2,13,159). 426 Connection Closed, Transfer aborted.

    Even if I right-click, click login as, and logon as administrator, it gives the same error. Any ideas?
    Thanks for the help
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    As I have found , it seems to run on Port 80 , and works well. I am currently searching for more info on how to incease the bandwidth on that , because it gives slow ( 15kbs ) xfer rates.
    But it is simple to set up, and doesnt seem to affect anything else you may be doing while it runs in the background.
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    try this

    you may also need to open a range of ports to allow passive mode transfers, like ports 21-22 and passive ports 2000 - 2010 or sometimes you need to do a little math according to your passive mode connection.

    The server replies to the PASV command, the first four numbers are the servers IP Address (internal in this case). The last two define the port that will be used for the data connection. To figure out what port is used multiply the first digit by 256 and add in the second.


    Entering passive mode, 192,168,1,2,13,159

    13 x 256 + 159 = 3487

    hope that helps


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