PE Builder changes.txt

- The verbose checkbox did not stay checked next time you ran
pebuilder. Fixed.

- Removed quick fix for "spanish" about boxes in wordpad and so.
Does not work when build from win2003, must rework/think about that.
- added network_nu2menu.xml, forgotten, (oops)

- ramdisk.inf plugin, change the "tmp" and "temp" environment
variables from "b:\" into "b:". The ending backslash gives trouble to
some applications.
- nu2menu updated to v0.3.43. This version has a new function
"@ShowRunDialog()" to show the default windows run dialog.
(thanks to Cyberian)
- The "Add files/folders in from (custom) directory" option in the
source dialog, now also add's the files even when no ISO is generated.
- Did a quick fix for "spanish" about boxes in wordpad and so.
- Added a "what to do" dialog. This has the option to build using
previous settings or to (re)generate and iso image from the last
- Moved nu2menu from \programs to \programs\nu2menu
Please replace any @programdir() menus with @programdrive()\programs
- Rearranged the menu
- Added "autorun" plugin created by Erwin Veermans
- Added "dospe" plugin created by Erwin Veermans
- Added plugin to run chkdsk.exe
- Added riched32.dll, used by wordpad.exe (and others)
- Added file associations for wordpad
- Removed the network dialog from pebuilder.exe.
Network support can now be enabled using the plugin "Network Support".
- Added "network support" plugin
This plugin includes "static ip" using:
GNetCfg.exe from
IPChange3.0.exe from
dhcpip.cmd by Ed Myers
network.inf by Davide Cavalca
- Added "network autostart" plugin. You can easily autostart the
network by enabling this plugin.
- Fixed typo in putty plugin.
- Changed nero plugin, hope pebuilder doesn't complain about missing some files.
- Changed adaware.cmd
- open/save file/folder dialogs now showing file extensions and hidden
files and folders.
Also "My Documents" now points to the system drive.
- off by one browser now defaults to
- pebuilder now support wildcards in filenames
Sample: *netcfg*.exe=2,netcfg.exe,1
Will take any file(s) matching "*netcfg*.exe" and copy/rename it to "netcfg.exe"
Sample: *.dll=a,,1
Will copy all "*.dll" files into the folder with ID "a"