Hey guyz im writting a narrative essay for english class. So far i have this much, its about 1/3rd of the whole essay... what do you guyz thing

I was going to try and keep the surprise that everyone is being quaint due to my skin color (beign south asain) to the very end but i think im going to just unravel it piece by piece..

but here she is

tell me what you think / anything to make it better / stronger.

My steps have been shadowed too long by eerie eyes, evaluating and judging. I am segregated in a crowd, waiting for yet another to hastily judge me because of my guise. I contemplate and attempt to find the justifications for such actions, but my contemplations only dig myself deeper in a hole of confusion.

Stealthily, I attempt to walk to my next class unseen by human eyes. I try and cower in the shadows to hide myself from these piercing looks to find that the only shadow that is present is the one within me. I am vulnerable to their gelid gazes and words. I hear their whispers and remarks as I walk by.

ďMan if youíre going to **** with anyone, make sure you donít **** with that kid. He has so much back up its not even funny. You say one word and he will send an order for your head.Ē

I continue to walk past everyone, confused by the last whisper I intercepted. It was my first day at school and all the faces I had seen were new to me. I have not done anything to instill fear into anyone in my life. I have never had an outburst of violence during my school career yet people still fear me, not because of my history or my actions, but for some reason that is unknown to me. Why should they fear me? I have no intentions to inflict pain to those who I donít know. I have no intentions in being aggressive for unjustified reasons. I just want to live my life like every other human. Although I do not expect them to automatically know my intentions, I would want them to treat me like they treat everyone else. Why would I have more back up then everyone else? Why would I let anyone fight my own battles? Perplexed by these questions, I stumble on to my class.