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Thread: new cable internet - speed issues

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    Question new cable internet - speed issues

    I just moved into a new house w "prewired" cable to all the rooms. I asked Cox HSI in RI to come install cable TV and cable internet service. I have a new Gateway w XP Pro. Here's what happened:

    1. TV's work in family room, MBR, and guest BR. smaller BR next to guest BR to be used as my office - no cable signal at all - not even toning out - cable guy said call electrician to check line. that night, I ran a cable from the guest BR over to the office and BANG I was surfing at speeds of 500+ kbps. but cant leave wire running thru the hallway so...

    2. electrician went up to attic. He said office room didnt have a home run, and he couldnt do it. Office wasnt getting signal cuz a segment of cable wasnt there. he split the signal from the guest BR and I was getting cable TV signal to the office.

    3. Now net speed is way down, between 275-300, either from the outlet in the office, or by running cable from the guest BR across the hallway.

    I went and got the 54g Belkin wireless router and PCI card on sale at Compusa this week. SO what would be better:
    - attach the cable modem and wireless router in the
    guest BR and go up to attic and disconnect the split to
    the office?
    - attach the modem & router to the jack in the basement
    cuz that (unused) jack has the shortest run from the primary input, and hope the wireless will reach my computer up thru 2 floors?
    - do something else?

    thanks for any thoughts.

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    Why not try both. Find the one that works best for you. Your first option might sound best but unknown variables might make option 2 the best. Let us know how it goes.

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    Hi, vajurewi -

    I came here through a Bing search on "cable internet speed issues." I can speak from experience on some of what you're doing here. So here's my advice, for what it's worth...

    1) Belkin routers are useless. I know they're cheaper, but in this case you don't even get your money's worth. Spend another $10 or so and buy a Linksys.

    2) When I was trying to get my Belkin router to work well (useless, remember) I did a good bit of research on wireless routers. It seems the radio signal from a wireless router is fairly fragile. If you live in an area with lots of radio signals (I do) then you'll have issues. If your router is behind metal or even a well insulated wall, you'll have issues. Your router's effective range is usually around 50 feet, even under the best conditions.

    So my advice is if you can run a direct cable, you should. Apparently there's something interfering with the signal up in the attic, so maybe you should consider running it yourself, just tacking it to the wall or something. If you're going to use the router it should be on the same floor and fairly close to your office - the guest BR might be just the ticket. BUT I would also advise you to trade the Belkin in for a Linksys or comparable brand.

    Hope this helps...



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