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Thread: need help finding a vcr

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    Question need help finding a vcr

    i got my new aiw 9800 pro for my system and i want to digitize some old family vhs tapes. in the not to distance future i'm going to burn them to dvd or edit them...maybe some of both. either way, i'm looking for help in finding a "good" vcr that has both s-video well as s-video input. i realize i can get a dvd burner and/or a vhs/dvd combo but right now all i want is a vcr. the main reason i want one with s-video input is because i'm prob going to have to put some of the edited videos back onto tape for those relatives that don't have dvd players and for some other projects i may be working on in the near future. i know i can just use the composite input....but i've been told that the s-video would look so much better. either way, i'm just look for some help. i plan on spending no more than about $150-180 for one. if there's anything else you think i should know, all means comment on it. thanks!!!!

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    If you plan on keeping it in a Home Theater...then look for one with SVHS inputs on the front of the unit as well.....
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    hmm..... svideo on video tape....hmmm i just cant see it being any better than rca. i would try it b4 u buy it

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    If the original video tapes were not recorded to s-video, then you can s-video all you want, but are you gaining anything? I don't think it will improve the picture quality unless the original video was recorded in s-video format.
    I was looking for a vcr a little while back with both input an output for s-video and found a really nice one a Rex. I think it was about $100.
    If you have any questions about pushing your video out to the vcr once you get set up, just pm me. I have been working for some time now with the ati aiw 8500dv. Works great!


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