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Thread: need help with sharing broadband

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    need help with sharing broadband

    I have 2 computers, have never hooked them up together before. One has always had broadband internet, the other has always had dial up internet, but does have the NIC card installed in it.
    If nothing else I would love to have them hooked together so that we could use the same printer. Would love to share the broadband too though. I think I have the necessary cords...3 CAT 5 cables. I have of course the cable modem, and an intellinet 5 port mini hub.
    I have tried to hook it all up and thought I had it right but something is not working right. I can still use the internet on this computer but on the other it will not work. Am I missing something here?
    Any help will be very appreciated.
    God Bless

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    May be this can Help.

    Link: Basic Options for Internet Connection Sharing.

    Link: Hubs, routers, switches, DSL, LANs, WANs...?

    Log to the following page.

    Scroll down, in the middle (yellow hi-lited) you will find info, and links to set sharing.

    Link: Basic Networking.


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    Maybe you can a router with a print server. I am using a Siemens wireless router, it has built-in print server and works quite well. You can bid a similar router from ebay at less than $30 if you don't need wireless. Then just follow the instruction, which was quite easy and fast to me. Good luck!



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