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Thread: two folds are better then one. (hyperthreading)

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    two folds are better then one. (hyperthreading)

    picked this up from maximumpc

    b) Two folds are better than one (Difficulty: Advanced)
    For those lucky users with dual-processor machines or rigs with hyperthreaded P4s, you can run two instances of the Console version simultaneously. It's rather involved, but well worth it to see both of your CPUs (or both of your virtual CPUs) being utilized to their fullest. These instructions assume you are running Win2K Pro or XP Pro.

    1) First, create two separate directories and dump FAH3Console.exe in each one.

    2) Then, you're going to have to make a shortcut to each FAH3Console.exe. Paste the Shortcuts into the Cocuments and SettingsAll UsersStart MenuProgramsStartup folder so that both FAH consoles will startup every time the system boots up.

    3) Right click on each shortcut you've created. You'll see the "Target" line: "C:Program Filesetc.etc.FAH3Console.exe"

    Now, you MUST add the -local flag, if you haven't already done so here. Remember to add the -local flag for each shortcut. It's also a good idea to add -advmethods and -forceasm.

    4) Now, you're almost set. Double click on one of the shortcuts you created. The first time you do, you'll be asked to configure FAH. Aside from your username and Team No. (select team No. 11108 for Team MPC), one of the configuration options is to set the Machine ID for the first FAH3Console.exe program to "1" (when you get to the point where we run the second FAH3Console.exe, you'll need to set the second one's Machine ID to "2").

    5) Now that one instance of FAH is up and running, go into your task manager and hit the "processes" tab. You'll see FAH3Console.exe there. Right click on it and choose "Set Affinity" and set it for CPU 0 only (uncheck CPU 1). You'll also see FAHCore_xx.exe running. Set that for CPU 0 too.

    6) Now you're ready to run the second console (again, launch it by clicking on your second created shortcut). When you configure it, set it for a different machine ID ("2").

    7) In take manager, you'll set the Affinity for your second instance of FAH3Console.exe for CPU 1. Now, this will be tricky as you'll see two FAH3Console.exe's running. You can check which one is the first one by checking the affinity. The new one will have both CPU 0 and 1 checked, while the first one was just set to CPU 0.

    8) Do the same thing with the second FAHCore_xx.exe. Set it to CPU 1 only.

    9) Now you're running two instances of FAH, and they are taking full advantage of your processors.

    10) As long as you don't close out the Console programs, they'll remember their affinity. If you close them, or restart or reboot your computer, you'll need to go back and set the affinity again.
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    LOL at "Difficulty: Advanced" ?!?!?!?!?!

    I'd hate to see what they call changing a video card, or installing your operating system..."Lifetime achievement award, in need of 12 years of college degree"? LOL.

    Geeze, and I met one of the editors from that mag at a LAN party our old clan threw...he seemed pretty sharp.
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    medium difficulty: changing batteries in ur wireless mouse.

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    I gotta tell ya, I don't have any rigs using the "-local" tags. Most AMD's are running folding as a service with Fire Daemon using the flags "-advmethods -service -forceasm".

    For the dual processor Intel Xeons, I simply make 4 folders, naming them FAH1, FAH2, FAH3 & FAH4, I put a FAH3Console.exe in each, make a shortcut, add "-advmethods -forceasm" tags and let them!

    I highly recommend Fire Daemon v6. It is as easy and as quick as making a shortcut, adding tags and putting in startup... seriously...and you do not have to see it in the taskbar. Make it a hidden file and you see nothing...


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