I'm in the market for a new digital camera. Currently I have a Konica KD-200Z 2.1 mega pixels w/3x optical zoom. It served it purpose for my first camera but it really sucks at night, range, action shots and quality most times. Taking a straight shot it's good.

I want a cam that will take detailed close up pictures and nice low light pics. And lets not forget about zoom.

I have $500 tucked away possibly $600 (picture wife looking at me) lol

I've been handling the Olympus C-4000 and boy I like the feel of this camera.

I know everyone says go Canon but tell me what you think over all for the price and the use I want to get out of it stated above.

I'm open to other options too so post your thoughts and links please.

Another thing. I'm constantly on the road and I want to be able to purchase "the" camera locally from any store listed, in any state.