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Thread: another update (Spain)

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    another update (Spain)

    Hey there all !

    Well, I just got back from my evening "class" today which was a tour with a professor of the University of Salamanca. He was VERY knowledgable. It is just amazing about the amount of information and history he knows about it. However, considering that is his job, it comes as no suprise.

    All of these photos are from about three hours ago. Here are a few descriptions for you since I didn't give any of the last batch: (You can also get there from main page of my website.)

    2 and 3: Our history prof's diagrams on the board. He filled the board 3x today with these... in two hours.
    4: part of our group
    7: the director of the program telling us about the six extra credits we need to get masters degree (there is a short video of her)
    9: yet another shot of the cathedral (I'm SURE you are sick of it by now.. LOL)
    10: very intresting... this is a street cleaner. Pretty nifty, eh ?
    13: This is in one of the original classrooms.. almost 500 years old.
    14 and 16: These are of the prof that showed us around. There is video of him too.
    19: hallway outside of classroom
    20: the ceiling above aforementioned hallway
    21 and 22: the room where Cervantes (author:Man de la Mancha) studied. Original everything in here. Roped off.
    23: view of cathedral from inside university
    25 and 26: room where conferences and such are held.
    27: another ceiling
    28: artifacts.. notice the blue hat. The doctorates got those with degree.
    30 and 31: inside the chapel of the school
    33: original shield of the school
    34: explaining the engravings on the staircase
    35, 36, & 37: inside the original library. It is closed off by plexiglass... ouch.
    38: another engraving.
    42: another celing
    43: the cathedral... again
    44: ceiling of main entryway
    46-48: the opening outside main entrance of the University
    49: the main fascade
    50: frog on skull (if you find it, it is good luck on tests)
    51: group
    53: road leading away from Univ.
    54: WELL... this is part of the engravings of the top of the building to the right of the Univ. Make your own assumptions.
    56: another closeup of fascade
    57: one main walking passage
    59: view of Plaza Mayor from my seat at the restaurant (where I enjoyed a Coke)
    62: A lady sitting at another table... do you think it is Frankenstein's wife ? You decide.

    Thanks for checking out the photos. If you have any questions or want to know more about something from these or the other days, shoot me an email.

    Have a good one all,

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    No way I can get sick of seeing pictures of the cathedral Remember the one I sent you a while back? The one from Puebla? The spanish built that one also, and you can see some resembliance (sp) to that one Awesome stuff!!

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    Very cool mountainman. Its good to hear you are enjoying yourself. Im definitely jealous of you right now. I wouldnt mind checking out Spain.

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    Hey guys....

    Thanks for the replies.

    It is pretty cool to see this everyday, however I am starting to see how one can become numb to all the beauty and history here. Everyday in class I can look out the window at the Cathedral that you've been seeing. When I look outside and see it, all I can think is, "Man, it is freaking HOT out there." LOL

    Anyhow.. we are having some more classes on top of my 7 hours per day. Today I signed up for an extra class that will be me three more graduate hours on top of the 18 I am getting for this 5 weeks. It is watching Spanish movies. Heh heh heh ...

    Anyhow, I'll be sure to keep adding and keep you all up to date.


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