Am i cracking up or what? SG used to load up super fast without one problem, now it's laggy as heck. Pages don't load, i get the 404 error. I was using the onboard NIC, thought that was the problem. Switched over to a 3Com card, still have the same problem I can surf the entire web and evry site, evry page loads up super fast ( as normal ) but SG is giving me crazy problems. I've tweaked and retweaked. Switched NIC's and nothing seems to be working. What gives? Took me 10 refreshes, and several closes to be able to get this far.

Now some please tell me I'm crackin up. I know dang well it isn't the nebulous or the neucleus cuz I even switched over to the neucleus just to be sure it isn't the rig. Both have the same problem and it's with SG. All the other sites I connect with a flash, pages load up within miliseconds, yet SG is crappin out on me.