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Thread: Hard drive wipe

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    Hard drive wipe

    I'm getting ready to remove an old HD out of my computer and install a new one, and want to wipe the data on the old one before I take it out. (It's the 2nd HD/slave).

    Any recommendations on software, preferrably a free download to wipe it with ? I'd like a windows based one, not DOS.

    Thanks folks !
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    I like BCwipe or PGP's wipe function.
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    whats wrong with the built-in windows disk management? Are you wanting to resize a bunch of partitions or something?
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    I would expect a Dos based app to wipe better than a windows based one.
    Get an app that wipes to the defence standard. (whatever that standard number is) Usually need to wipe it 7 times.

    It's Dos, but it's good, and free

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    This is the best free hard drive wiper, use it after a format.

    Use the DOS version because only a DOS wiper can truely erase the contents of the swap file, which may contain info that you may want to get rid of completely. Wiping apps that run from windows may not entirely wipe the swap file and may even open other security holes.
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