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Thread: Why an VPN is so slow?

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    Why an VPN is so slow?

    After trying a couple of times (more than a couple..., to be fair), and with the invaluable help from several members from this forum. Got a VPN working.

    The VPN server runs WIN-XP Pro. And the line is a 256 ADSL. The problem is that, actually, is so slow that is not usable. What I can not understand is that in the same line, using pcAnywhere, the speed seems to be fair. In fact one can work in the remote computer almost as been there. I wonder whether is there a way to speed things ups in this VPN matter.

    Can it be that a VPN sends too much graphic information?

    Would it be possible to make a VPN using old msdos? And, does this speed the VPN?


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    What are you using on each end for your VPN? VPN is slow because it's very CPU intensive, there'a a lot of overhead going on. Which is why, most places that want a VPN, it's best to use a dedicated VPN router, as software VPN's rely on CPU power.

    Compare a VPN between two day, set it up between two Linksys BEFSX or VP routers...and test it for a few days. Then, swap out the Linksys routers with some nice Sonicwall SOHO routers...same DSL lines though, same bandwidth. Now test it for a few days.

    Difference will be night and day. Linksys routes with their 11 mHz or whatever CPUs and 256k or RAM (or whatever they's not much), vs the Sonics with their 133 mHz CPU and 16 megs of RAM.

    What is it that you are trying to run through the VPN? Some programs will work, depending on the bandwidth. Others won't like it.

    Also, having NetBIOS traffic allowed through will really "clog the pipes" if you don't have much...try not to use that if you can. Use a WINS server or lmhost files for name resolution if you need it. Hopefully only using TCP/IP.
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