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Thread: Fing Power Outages!

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    Fing Power Outages!

    power goes out nice and clean but now one of my damn rigs wont boot.

    god i need to stop delaying on this ups

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    I bought a Cyberpower 1000AVR a few months ago. BEST BEST BEST computer investment to date I made! The security and relief it provides alone is worth every penny I paid for it + some.

    Do yourself a favor and make it your next purchase. You will never regret it.

    I lost 2 power supplies on 2 different machines due to power outages and brown-outs before I had the battery backup. Never lost any data (had fingers crossed the whole time).

    When purchasing a battery back up unit, inspect the layout of outlets on the unit. Some units have a layout such that will limit the number of things you can plug in to it because the outlets are spaced too close together. Many devices have transformer plugs and they will not all fit at the same time, therefore outlets become unusable.

    Some units have outlets on the top, some on the sides. Decide what you want to plug in to it before you buy it. May haelp to take some measurements too.
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