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Thread: Work not being counted

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    Work not being counted

    One of my machines finished a work unit and attempted to send the data. Unfortunatley I did not have it plugged into the router so it kept trying untill I got home from work. When I plugged it in, it sent the work with the following message.

    [22:13:38] + Results successfully sent
    [22:13:38] Thank You for your contribution to Folding@Home
    [22:13:38] + Number of units Completed: 2

    I shut the client down and restarted it and it went on to crunching a different unit. This was around 6:00 pm (eastern) 5/29/2003.

    My question is this. I have been at 309.9 with 12 Units for some time now. The work above did not get counted.

    Is it because my p2 300 did not finish in time? I really don't care about the score, I just want my work to be used.

    I have the FAHlog-Prev file if needed.

    One of my other machine should finish its work this morning, maybe it will all wash out then?


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    It sometimes takes a while to have your results show up on Stanfords site, but credit is usually awarded within a couple of hours after completing the work, unless the servers are down. You now have credit for 13 units and 329.6 points. Your p2 300 should finish on time as my k6-2 350 was never late.
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