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Thread: Video Games are healthy for you

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    Video Games are healthy for you

    Finally an article that doesnt say playing games makes you go nuts

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    Video games can pay off too. I sprung an interest in computers due to video games, back with consoles, early Basic computers, leading to learning how to upgrade computers with Win95 and gaming hardware, which lead to building computers,...and here I am today, making a living working on computers/networks.
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    Video games are great for kids. Ah the good ol days. I dont enjoy games half as much, but still play from time to time when I fiend. The thing is...most kids waste far too much time away on games.

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    I saw something about this on the local news last night.. Quite interesting how 85% of video games resolve things with the use of a gun, and after all the slack those games have taken and now they come out with a study that says these people are more visually coordinated.. LOL

    I can't wait to get home and kill some people online in BF'42..
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