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Thread: John / Grimson / cypher 138 / wolf1 / BumperSticker / Leideia / Tyler Brown

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    Thumbs up John / Grimson / cypher 138 / wolf1 / BumperSticker / Leideia / Tyler Brown

    Thu May 29, 2003 6:00 AM CDT

    Congratulations go to:

    John for folding into the 9,000 Club

    Grimson for folding into the 4,500 Club

    cypher 138 for folding into the 4,000 Club

    wolf1 for folding into the 3,000 Club

    Bumpersticker for folding into the 700 Club

    Leideia for folding into the 500 Club

    Tyler Brown for folding into the 50 Club

    Team #15 with 790,239.96 Points.

    Fold on team.....
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    John I am coming to get ya!!!!

    Congratulations to all for all the hard work, someday hopefully it will all pay off

    A mistake does not become an error until one refuses to correct it

    Folding for the future

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    4k and counting. We need a few more rigs to fend AOA off. We can not let them pass us for any reason. Always forward never behind. Great work 15.

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    Thumbs up

    Great job guys and team. We are really movin' on up!!
    Too many computers can fry your brain.

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    Tyler_Brown = me

    woot woot

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