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Thread: Damage Inc / lizard boy / tryn / YiKeS / zooner / Rhuurrr / Jstyr / IndyOST

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    Thumbs up Damage Inc / lizard boy / tryn / YiKeS / zooner / Rhuurrr / Jstyr / IndyOST

    Wed May 28, 2003 11:00 AM CDT

    First let me apologize to anyone that got missed. Had to go back through my trash and dig out the last print out of the scores and then compare that to the current, so as bad as my eyes are I may have missed someone. (There's also a Part 2 to this message)

    Anyway, Congratulations go to :

    Damage Inc for folding into the 25,000 Club

    lizard boy for folding into the 8,000 Club

    tryn for folding into the 7,000 Club

    YiKeS for folding into the 4,000 Club

    zooner for folding into the 3,000 Club

    Rhuurrr for folding into the 1,000 Club

    Jstyr for folding into the 1,000 Club

    IndyOST for folding into the 600 Club

    Fold on team.....
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    Thumbs up

    WTG guys
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    Congrats to all
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