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    Friday May 16, 2003 15:00 Pm CDT

    Congratulations go to:

    rickoic for folding into the 40,000 Club

    Hell Yes for folding into the 30,000 Club

    Encnuk for folding into the 25,000 Club

    Dave's World for folding into the 8,000 Club

    Team #15 with 695,398.39 Points
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    Go Dave's World! And all of ya!

    Lets congratulate Dave's World as he goes from dial up to cable this weekend. I gave him a router yesterday so he could hook up a bunch of machines at his house and fold 24/7 now...instead of manually dialing up each one to upload his jobs one a day.

    So his Folding contributions should be increasing shortly@
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    Thumbs up

    WTG guys
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