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Thread: Barton?

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    I have a question about these "BARTON" chips i keep hearing about. Right now im between upgrading my mobo or my cpu. I currently have the asus a7v266 mobo with a 266 fsb. IM kinda wondering if it would be worth the money to dump 150 bucks into a xp2500 barton cpu with the 266 or if it would be better to jump into the 333 fsb first. How much of a performance am i missing with that extra fsb speed?

    What o/c speeds would i be looking at with that barton? Kinda wondering if my mobo is obsolite or if it still has some life in it! What do you think would be the best boost for my money?



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    266 wont support barton

    regardless upgrade your god daym 266 board :P


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    Yeah ive been thinking about that, might dump the money into the newer board while keeping the cpu, ram video card...then work on updating the other piece by piece...not to sure yet tho....

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    Barton 2500 ok, got one and made it a 2700 by just moving the multiplier, hope yours does same

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    abit kd7 (kt400) or abit nf7 v2.0 (nforce2) and push it to 400 fsb!

    board and cpu (barton 2500+ or tbred 2600+) ~175 EUROs

    1st rig:
    Abit NF7-S v2.0(!) nforce2 | AMD XP2500+ Barton @2.4Ghz 12*200mhz | TYAN Tachyon Radeon9500pro oc´ed | 2*256MB DDR400 cl2.5 TwinMos -winbond- @ DC DDR400 3-2-2-2.0 | 2*120 GB Seagate Barracuda V *8MB Cache* S-ATA in RAID0 *woooo*| Pioneer DVD-RW A-05 | LG 48x24x48x16 CD-RW-DVD Combo | win2k pro SP4 |

    2nd Rig:
    Abit KD7 KT400 | XP2400+ @XP2700+ (333) | Geforce4 128MB TI4200 oc´ed | 512MB PC3000 Corsair XMS CL2 | 60 GB Seagate Barracuda IV | Seagate ST340823A 40GB 5.4krpm | Pioneer DVD-106S | det.52.16 | win2kpro SP4 |
    3rd Rig
    *** SOLD *** --> preparing to go AMD 64bit in far future after paying off my RX8 NEW!!!! NEW!!!!

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    I bought an A7N8X Deluxe and a Barton 2500+ Retail for $175 shipped. Board is a refurb though but I saved a lot of money and didn't go broke.

    Of course ordered it at Newegg.


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