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Thread: Big tornado in OKC...again...

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    Unhappy Big tornado in OKC...again...

    Naturally, people are freaking out and making comparisons to the May 3, 1999 tornado, since a powerful sucker just tore through the south OKC metro area.

    The General Motors plant here looks to have been destroyed, as well as numerous housing additions where the houses were literally reduced to splinters. Seems that it missed Tinker Air Force Base once again, but all sorts of other buildings, banks, motels and the like have been demolished.

    I've been in the office building basement for the past hour but finally decided to come back up once I heard the "all clear" for my area on the trusty CCRadio.

    There are two or three other tornadoes on the ground right now in the northern part of the state as well, but the one that passed through here is STILL on the ground and moving northeast.

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    Re: Big tornado in OKC...again...

    Thats pretty scarry. My mom and I are chatting on Yahoo. Apparently several people spotted funnel clouds in Sacramento California of all places. So now they are under warning as well. I feel sorry for them all if one ever did touch because no one would know what to do. Cali doesn't get tornado's.

    My inlaws are in Oklahoma I should probably give them a call. They live in Muskogee. Keep safe. Take care
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